How Digital Marketing Can Improve Your Business Performance During Covid -19


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This article is about how Digital Marketing can improve your business performance during Covid – 19, written by Olubnmi Aromona

As the popular saying goes, if there is no customer, a business is likely to die a natural death. Word of mouth referral is by all means a viable method to get lots of leads, as 92% of individuals trust suggestions from those they know.

All things being equal, Digital Marketing, explicitly, can help you in all new ways by utilizing the power of the Internet particularly in this pandemic of Covid-19 where face to face selling is gradually going out of fashion, encouraging online business transactions. The focus of this article will be on commercial cleaning services but applicable to any other type of business that is desirous to adapt to the reality of this time.

  1. Understand the type of client you are targeting for your cleaning services business

digital marketing

Let’s be honest, with almost 4 billion users of Internet in the world, the best way to target your prospective clients  is to accurately focus on digital advertising.

Before we get to the guidance for pulling in online leads, it’s imperative to understand what sorts of customers you wish to bring into your business pipe. There are various sorts of cleaning organizations offering different types of professional cleaning services such as One off cleaning Edinburgh, Office cleaning Edinburgh, Contract cleaning Edinburgh to mention but a few.

Make Buyer Personas

With a particularly enormous objective crowd, it’s essential to make a Buyer Persona by drawing up portrayals of your optimal clients. A purchaser persona is significant on the grounds that your interchanges should be finely-tuned and focused on the off chance that you need them to have the best impact.

Don’t hesitate to name your persona and represent that person with a photograph. At that point list the individual’s side interests, purchasing propensities, pay, difficulties, dreams, and whatever else that can assist you with imagining your optimal customer to-be. Its important to also know the location to target as well by doing real prospect audit as you cannot start by targeting the whole world for a cleaning business like most businesses do today thinking its the best way to get clients.

Zero in on the issues your personas are experiencing, for example, inconvenience finding an office tidying group that will show up routinely.

Utilize your purchaser persona to make all your advertising messages, and make certain to refresh your persona over the long haul, as not many purchaser personas stay static year-by-year.

  1. Use Google Adwords

Google adwords

With 80% of Internet clients looking for a private venture prior to settling on a purchasing choice, it pays to get on Google’s first page for your “hot” keywords. These are phrases like ” domestic cleaning service Edinburgh,  or  end of tenancy cleaning in Edinburgh, commercial cleaning Edinburgh, commercial cleaning Edinburgh, cleaning companies near me Edinburgh, cleaning services near me Edinburgh, cleaning services Edinburgh, cleaners near me Edinburgh, house cleaning near me Edinburgh, home cleaning services Edinburgh, cleaning jobs near me Edinburgh

– the very keywords that will be searched on the internet either on phone or PC to locate a professional to clean up.

You can utilize Google’s Keyword Planner to discover the terms individuals are utilizing, yet you can likewise test different terms to perceive how they perform. You may definitely realize the vital terms to use from your other showcasing endeavors. Adwords can assist you with getting page one for those terms rapidly.

There are basically two different ways to get on the main page of Google. There’s natural site improvement (SEO), which considers various components like your traffic, the nature of your substance, and the nature of different locales who connect to yours. It can require some investment to ascend through the positions naturally. Furthermore, there’s Google Adwords — it can get you on page one out of a solitary day, if you utilize the correct keywords and have the financial plan to offer sufficiently high for conspicuous arrangement.

With respect to your promotions, center around the benefits, not only the features and advantages of your business. At the end of the day, nobody truly minds in the event that you have a group of janitors or that you utilize top notch cleaners. They need to realize that their windows will be shimmering perfect, that they’re getting the best an incentive for their cash, and that they don’t need to make the slightest effort to keep their home, office, or modern space organized lasting through the year. For instance, “Need a really Sparkling Clean Office? Get a Free Estimate here!”

The vast majority of all, discover how you’re not quite the same as your rivals consuming a similar space and draw your crowd’s consideration by posting those advantages with your Adwords promotions.

While not modest, Adwords can convey moment leads, and your endeavors are totally identifiable. You can send your Adwords prompts a presentation page that at that point gets them to call or catches their email address so your leads can be reached at whatever point.

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  1. Use Facebook Ads

Commercial Cleaning Edinburgh

In the event that your crowd isn’t looking for a cleaning business on Google, odds are they could be utilizing Facebook to locate the ideal cleaning business. While your advertisements will be plainly set apart as promotions, they’ll appear ok in your crowd’s newsfeeds, and accuracy focusing on your promotions on Facebook is a breeze.

You can point your promotions at individuals utilizing an assortment of socioeconomics.

Like Adwords, your promotions can show up right away and start drawing in leads the second they go live. You can likewise track and test your outcomes, much the same as Google’s promotion stage. The drawback, as Adwords, is that Facebook promotions can rapidly have your lunch on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re doing. That is the reason it’s prompted that you start gradually and track your outcomes en route. At the point when you find what works, imitate your endeavors for significantly more noteworthy lead age impact.

  1. Improve Online Reputation

Google My Business

You should as of now have a Google My Business posting, as that is an incredible method to get a natural posting for a cleaning business rapidly. At the point when finished, your posting will show intrigued possibilities with regards to a solitary look your business name, address, long stretches of activity, telephone number, regularly posed inquiries, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Your posting will likewise get your business recorded on Google Maps, which will assist individuals with choosing if you’re sufficiently close to serve their necessities. In particular, your posting will grandstand your Google audits, alongside your star rating.

The more Google audits you have, the more leads you will draw in. All things considered, when given a decision between a business with one star and one with five, which do you figure your possibilities will pick?

At the point when you get enough good Google audits, don’t hesitate to begin sending some fulfilled customers to Facebook, at that point Yelp, and other survey destinations, however Google ought to be your need, as more than 70% of individuals trust Google audits as much as a suggestion from a companion or partner.

  1. Natural SEO


When you have a Google My Business Listing, you should as of now be positioning in your general vicinity for some keywords. With Organic SEO, the objective is to get your site positioning on Google’s first page for your essential catchphrase terms.

Google has a personal stake in ensuring its clients get the best substance when they search. Your cleaning business site ought to be appealing, loaded with extraordinary data, and a delight to peruse. Deal with that and you’ll have guests in abundance. At that point you can catch those leads on your site to support your cleaning systematic at no other time.

As you scale, consistently watch out for quality. You’re certain to scale while leaving a multitude of fulfilled customers afterward. Also, never markdown the chance of employing somebody to do your digital marketing for you. You can zero in on what you specialize in – giving the most ideal cleaning services to customers in your general vicinity.

The writer is an experienced sales and marketing professional and can be contacted for more insight.

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