Tips for a quick light toilet cleaning

Toilet Cleaning

This article looks at toilet cleaning which is very important and highlights free domestic cleaning tips.

Tools Required : 

Toilet cleaning is very important and we will provide you with free domestic cleaning tips. It is what must be done. You will need the following items before starting; rubber gloves, sanitary wipes, clean rags, toilet brush and a toothbrush not being used anymore.

  • Free domestic cleaning tips for buying gloves for toilet; ensure you have dedicated pair of gloves for the toilet only and not to be used for washing any other stuff. Therefor, buy a glove with a different color that you can easily identify from other gloves. You should get handy all-purpose cleaning solution or make some yourself if you are on low budget.

The Bowl:

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The toilet can be cleaned in any order you desire. However, if you are pressed for time, you could start your cleaning with the bowl. The toilet brush becomes effective here to clean any stain. A bit of pressure may be applied on deep stains. In order to achieve improved results in the cleaning, you could use a little toilet cleaning solution in some water, dip your brush into it and clean the bowl.

The Bowl Top and bottom Lid:

You could use a cleaning solution with rags or sanitary wipes that are disposable to clean the lids. Note that the difficult to reach parts including the hinges and joints between the body and the lids could be washed with a toothbrush which is not used anymore for tooth brushing.

Wipe down the entire toilet bowl

The most important free domestic cleaning tips is that you could use a cleaning solution to mist the outer body of the toilet bowl or porcelain. Then use paper towel or rag to wipe the toilet porcelain down clean. Conversely, dipping paper towel or a rag in warm water but could use any cleaning solution if you have budget to clean the porcelain could give an improved result.

  • Clean the toilet from top to bottom. Ensure you clean the difficult parts to see easily like the bottom of the toilet and the toilet’s tank facing the wall. An old toothbrush could help to clean these difficult parts.


Flush the dirt away and have a clean fresh toilet.


Note:  Remember to wash your hands after removing the gloves.

This is the end of this article. However, if your toilet has deep stains, then you would require deep cleaning.

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