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Commercial Cleaning Services Edinburgh terminology is adopted to explain how to get traffic to your business and boost sales by applying the following 3 best strategies.

By developing website does not mean you have won the digital media race. However, it only means that you have started the race. A lot of businesses today just develop website and that’s it. They seem to forget that no matter how beautiful your website looks, if it does not attract traffic, then it could just be like dancing in the dark. As an experienced and qualified Digital Marketer with certification from one of the most technical, practical and reputable institutions, Glasgow Kelvin College, Scotland, United Kingdom, I would like to share this knowledge free of charge unlike many out there who would be asking you to sign up for monthly subscription.

In order to have a website that attracts traffic and converts, you would need to have positive answers to the three questions below:

  • Do you have a good website that is mobile friendly?
  • Does your website come up in google search within top 10% in keyword related search?
  • What do your customers say about your services? Do you have good reviews?

The purpose of writing this article is to help businesses to thrive in this very competitive digital space.

1) Develop a Mobile Friendly Website

Commercial Cleaning Services


Looking at the three questions above, it is important to have a website that is mobile friendly because most people today browse the internet with their mobile phones as against the desktop. The importance of having a mobile friendly website cannot be over-emphasized

2) Understand the Relevant Keywords being Searched by Prospects on Google or other Search Engines 



Commercial Cleaning Services

To solve the problems of appearing on google search means you must begin to think like a prospect and ask yourself the critical question that, if you were looking for a cleaning services company, what keyword would you type on google search ? Below are some examples of cleaning related keywords prospects could be searching for on the internet.

Clients may be searching for Domestic Cleaning Services in Edinburgh as a keyword. However other commercial clients could search for Commercial Cleaning Services in Edinburgh. Adequate research is needed to understand what the consumers could be searching for.

3) Delight Your Clients and Get Positive Reviews to Build Trust


Commercial Cleaning Edinburgh

If you could be seen on the internet then your clients must have good things to say about their experiences when they patronised your cleaning business. I mean having positive reviews that will attract the prospect to patronise you.

Remember that prospects would rather love to hear from your clients about the quality of your service than hearing from you directly because prospects know that every business would always speak positively about its service but the review would most likely help the prospect make the decision either to patronise your business or go elsewhere.

In summary, if these questions are looked into positively, then your business is on its way to success.

Good luck!

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